Do you have other mama friends whose kids don’t sleep well? Do you find yourselves talking through different things you’ve heard or googled that you should try? Why not leave it to the expert to give you REAL answers and solutions to your questions and sleep issues so you can spend your time discussing other, more enjoyable things with your friends!?
Grab a group of girlfriends who would benefit from this helpful class, and make it an even more worth-while evening by bringing delicious food and drinks to enjoy while we solve your child’s sleep problems! This will be a great evening of sleep education followed by sleep solutions!

Package Includes:

  • Discussion of sleep needs for babies and toddlers (and preschoolers if age appropriate)
  • Disruptive habits to a child’s sleep and how to solve those or implement healthy habits
  • How to create routines that work for nap times and bedtime
  • Common challenges
  • Sleep Plan for your child (based on age)
  • One week of e-mail support as you implement the plan

All wine, dine, and sleep mamas will receive one week of personal e-mail support as you begin
to implement your new plan.

To inquire about dates and costs for a wine, dine and sleep evening, please e-mail Bethany.